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John started training in 1971 with Maxi Bowman in Braybrook. Then in 1972 he went to train Thai Kwon Do with Mr Oh in the City. After training there for a little while he decided to move on as he didn't find what he liked and went to Zen Do Kai Karate in Elizabeth St Melbourne in 1973, where he trained for many years under the guidance of Bob Jones and Richard Norton. He became one of Richard Nortons first Black Belts. During this time he started to teach Zen Do Kai in Sunshine as a brown belt.
John continued to train and teach for may years until he became a 5th Degree black belt.
John starting training and competing in kickboxing in 1983 and then Bob Jones introduced Muay Thai in 1986 to John who then started to incorporate Muay Thai in his kickboxing training. He trained many champions during this time. Ultimate gym in St Albans is the head of Ultimate Muay Thai.

John has also competed in many Karate tournaments winning the Victorian Title in his weight division. He also fought kickboxing in the mid 80's.

John has a great rapor with young students who come in and are a bit shy and reserved. He enjoys watching students grow in confidence and brings them on to stand proud in classes. He has trained numerous students up to State, Aust, Commonwealth, South Pacific and World Champions.

Licensed Professional Kickboxing Trainer (Combat Sports Board of Australia)
Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer ( Victorian Amateur Boxing Association)
Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer ( Victorian Amateur Boxing League)
Licensed Professional Muay Thai Trainer
Licensed Professional Martial Artist
Licensed Kickboxing Judge, Referee, Matchmaker and Promotor
Certificate 4 in fitness
5th Degree Black Belt Zen Do Kai

John was recognised by his peers by winning the Blitz hall of fame award for Trainer of the Year' in 1997.
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Joe started his martial arts career here at Team Ultimate nearly 30 years ago.

In that time Joe has gained his red logo singlet, which saw him open his own successful Team Ultimate gym in Airport West for awhile and has now done a full circle and is back at Team Ultimate St Albans.

Joe has trained numerous Victorian, Commonwealth and Australian title holder fighters in kickboxing and boxing as well as earning his own armature Victorian boxing title in his prime.

These days Joe can be found ringside at the gym or promoting Ultimate Legends kickboxing shows with John Scida.



I began my martial arts training in the karate discipline some 30 years ago.

In the late 1980’s I trained in Kyokushin Karate and later switching over to Zen Do Kai Karate with Team Ultimate.

In 1995 I earned my Black Gi with Sensei John Scida. I say I earned it because to this day I recall seeing a (welcoming committee) comprised of a long line of fighters all waiting to dish out the traditional Team Ultimate initiation ceremony.
Later that month I went on to be awarded a black belt in Zen Do Kai Karate.

As we were a system of Freestyle Karate, our coaches always encouraged grappling as part of our training.
I always enjoyed the grappling component and after discussing the matter with my Sensei, I made the decision to trade my black belt for a white one.

In 1996 I joined the Will-Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy under Tyrone Crosse. During my years in training, John Will was the Chief Instructor. All coloured gradings were awarded exclusively by John.

In February of 2009, some 12 and years after beginning my BJJ experience I was awarded a black belt.

During my years of BJJ training I have coached many people and have enjoyed my time sharing my experiences with others.
So in essence I feel like my martial arts journey has come full circle and here I am back home at the club that made it all happen some 28 years ago.
After a long absence from Team Ultimate, it feels like I’m giving back to the club. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our coaching staff here at Team Ultimate.
I have been surrounded by a strong team of striking coaches that have shared their knowledge and helped to sharpen and develop my striking skills.

I have enjoyed my Mixed Martial Arts coaching role. It has been an extremely rewarding experience.



Huki started at Team Ultimate as a teenager some 20 years ago.

He has earned his red logo singlet and has been a trainer for many years.
He has had several kickboxing fights and now puts his energy into training and enjoys being a cornermen alongside John Scida.



Blake has been training in muay thai at Team Ultimate for the past 10 years and in that time has obtained his red logo singlet.

For the past 5 years Blake has been teaching our kids and adults muay thai classes, which he gets a lot of enjoyment out of.

He has had 2 professional kickboxing fights, in which he won both.

Blake is a wealth of knowledge as aside from being a muay thai trainer he is also a personal trainer.

This gives him good insight into how to increase fitness levels and lose weight correctly. Currently Blake is studying a degree in physical education and sport science, which will add to his knowledge of the human body.



Jerome's martial arts career began 12 years ago right here at Team Ultimate.

Over this time Jerome has become a great enthusiastic teacher always striving to get the best out of his students.

Jerome has had 4 amateur and 10 professional kickboxing bouts, earning himself a Victorian Title, Australian Title and an East Coast Title.

He hopes to make a comeback to the ring soon.



Dean is our boxing class trainer. He has had a passion for martial arts his entire life, with 21 years experience.

In that time Dean has earned his 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo, 1st degree black belt in kyokushin karate and his red singlet in muay thai, which he earned under John Scida here at Team Ultimate.

Dean has competed as an amateur kickboxer and had success at many interclub competitions.

Dean also does private and group lessons in boxing or kickboxing/muaythai.



Dylan started training at Team Ultimate 9 years ago as a 14 year old muay thai student.

During this time Dylan has excelled in his chosen sport, earning himself his red logo singlet at the age of 17 and having 3 professional K1/kickboxing fights, where he is known for his unfaltering technique.

He has been teaching muay thai classes for the past 6 years and enjoys training amateur fighters. Dylan continues to train and improve and hopes to add to his competitive fight portfolio.



Steve 'Richo' Richardson has many years under his belt building his martial arts experience.

He began training BJC under Frank Deblasi and then moved onto Team Ultimate in Sydenham with Roger Azzopardi and then back to BJC in Reservoir for 10 years under Mike Kenna and Shane Byrne where he gained his 3rd degree black singlet in BJC muay thai.
He has been with Team Ultimate St Albans for 5 years.

Richo has had 5 interclub fights, 1 draw and 4 wins as well as 2 amateur fights with 1 win and 1 loss.

He continues to travel to Thailand regularly to train to improve his knowledge and skills. Richo has many years’ experience training and assisting in adult and kids classes.

Here at Team Ultimate St Albans Richo is our 'fighters class' trainer where he gets to show his skill and experience in holding pads with our advanced students and passing on his knowledge, which he enjoys.